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From heat pump installation to maintenance plans and repair, our experienced technicians have you covered. Innovative Heating & Air Solutions offers a full line of products to help homeowners improve the indoor air quality in their home. This includes whole house filtration and stand-alone units, to best fit your needs.

Heat Pump Installation

At Innovative Heating & Air Solutions, our expert technicians are trained in servicing, repairing, and installing our top of the line heat pumps. Whatever your questions may be, we have the answers. Call us today to receive a free in-home estimate.

Electrical Services

Our experienced technicians have you covered. We are available to upgrade your panel, add a generator panel, and surge protector to protect your home. Contact us directly for any of the electrical needs.

Humidity and Mold Testing

We are available to test relative and surface humidity. Odours and Mold can become an issue when humidity levels rise and ventilation is at a stand still. Call us today to book your No- charge humidity assessment.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Funky smells, water dripping, or dust particles falling to the floor are signs you are in need of a deep coil clean. Professionally servicing your unit ensures that your unit works well for its entire life span and just like a car, regular maintenance and cleaning can extend its life.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

If you suspect that your air quality might be less then perfect or that your family is sick more then usual, it is time to get your air tested. Don’t wait while your lungs suffer and your family’s health gets worse. Contact one of our experts to get your air assessment completed.

24/7 Customer Support

At Innovative Heating & Air Solutions, we know that if something is going to go wrong it will usually happen at the most inconvenient moment. Our customers are our number one priority so if this happens to you we are available 24/7 on our emergency line (506) 639-0606