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KARDA Heat Pump

KARDA mini-split systems are designed to provide comfort, energy efficiency and reliable air quality. KARDA heat pumps features published performance to -25° C with continuing operation below this temperature. With the unique ability of being able to set the temperature as low as 7° C, great for garages. Cottages and basements. Keep minimal heating and lower costs.

Inverter Technology

To control room temperatures and maintain desired settings, the inverter compressor only uses energy required rather than full power like a standard compressor. Once it turns on and reaches desired setting, the inverter compressor will remain at that setting until more supply is needed. This prevents the unit from turning on and off frequently and uses different rotation speed to save energy and operate more quietly than standard compressors.

Hypertek Mini-Split

New HyperTek heating allows operation at colder temperatures than previous models. Low temperature heating has been extended to -25°C with up to 94% capacity, and maximum operational heating down to -30°C.


Single-zone ductless mini-split systems provide the option to customize indoor comfort in a single space environment.

  • Inverter (Variable speed compressor)
  • Energy saving
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Auto Defrosting
  • Cooling/Heating/Fan mode
  • Turbo Operation
  • Anti-Cold-Air
  • Built-in low ambient kit, can be used in temperatures as low as -15°C for cooling
  • Sleep mode
  • Refrigerant leakage detection
  • Self Diagnosis function
System Model # 1PAMSHH12-22.5
Indoor Model # 1PAMSHH12-SZW-22.5
Outdoor Model # 1PAMSHH12-SZ0-22.5
Capacity (BTUs) cooling 12,000
Capacity (BTUs) heating 13,800
EER 13
SEER 22.5
HSPF/HSPF5 12/10.4
Air Circulation (H/M/L) 418 / 324 / 247
Fan Speeds 3/3/3
Dehumidification (pts/hr) 2.75
Indoor dB(A) (H/M/L) 43 / 36 / 24
Outdoor dB(A)* 45
Rated Voltage Outdoor (V/Hz/Ø) 208-230/60/1
Rated Voltage Indoor (V/Hz/Ø) 208-230/60/1
Indoor Dimensions
W x H x D (inches) 32 7/8 x 11 x 7 13/16
Weight (lbs.) 19.84
Outdoor Dimensions
W x H x D (inches) 31 1/2 x 21 13/16 x 13 1/8
Weight (lbs.) 88.2
Thermostat Range
Cooling / Heating (°F) 65-86/45-86